S’mores party spoons

s'mores party spoons 2
I was first introduced to the OOEY GOOEY CHOCO-LICIOUSNESS of s’mores when when I was about 13 years old. Yup… Thirteen! I spent a big chunk of my childhood, NOT knowing what s’mores ... read more

Pull apart watermelon cupcakes

pull apart watermelon cupcakes 1
Summer just won’t be the same if we didn’t get to ENJOY watermelons. I was PLANNING on making watermelon cupcakes, using fresh watermelon juice. But then, my mind DRIFTED off and I ended up ... read more

4th of July chocolate fudgsicles

4th of july chocolate fudgsicles 5
My mom makes the most DELICIOUS chocolate fudgsicles in the world! They are truly BETTER than any store bought fudgsicles I have ever eaten. I gave them a 4th of July makeover and they are now an amazing ... read more

10 fun Father’s Day ideas

10 fun father's day ideas
Father’s Day is this Sunday. So, I have put together a collection of my most POPULAR cakes, cupcakes, cookies and all other sorts of DELICIOUS treats that your Dads are gonna love! Without further ... read more

Rainbow flower cupcakes

rainbow flower cupcakes 1
Rainbow themed parties and desserts have been very POPULAR for a few years now. That’s not surprising at all because it’s a FUN and EASY theme for kids parties. I wanted to use that rainbow ... read more

Raspberry rose cookies

raspberry rose cookies 10
Ever since I saw these BEAUTIFUL¬†neapolitan cookies from “i am baker,” I have wanted to make them! The COOL thing about those cookies is that they look just like spritz cookies BUT they were ... read more

Count the memories, not the calories!

Easy homemade strawberry jam

easy homemade strawberry jam 8
As a kid, I remember that my mom and I used to do A LOT of baking and cooking but I don’t remember us ever making strawberry jam. I asked my mom about it yesterday and she said that we tried once but ... read more

How to make a tie dye shirt cake

Last year, around Christmas time, I bought an ugly sweater cake pan. It was on SALE and so cute that I just COULDN’T resist buying it! Well, ever since that day, my little one has been ASKING me to ... read more

How to make a naked cake

how to make a naked cake 5
Naked cakes have been so POPULAR these last few years. I have seen CUTE little ones at kids birthday parties and I have also seen really big FANCY ones at weddings! There’s SOOOO much you can do with ... read more

Chocolate stuffed raspberries

chocolate stuffed raspberries 1
I think this bitter cold weather we have been experiencing has UNFORTUNATELY affected the berry crops this year That’s coz all the berries I have bought in the last two weeks have been so flavorless ... read more

Watermelon cake

watermelon cake 1
Over the years, I have seen THREE types of watermelon cakes. The FIRST one is a baked cake, made with flour, sugar, eggs, watermelon juice e.t.c The SECOND one is a cake that is decorated to look like a ... read more

Easy orange buttercream icing

easy orange buttercream icing 2
MOST orange frostings are made with cream cheese. And that makes a lot of sense because cream cheese is TANGY and compliments the slightly sour taste of orange juice perfectly. But, my dear hubby is NOT ... read more

Mini love letter cakes

mini love letter cakes
I am a sucker for those old ROMANTIC flicks where girls and guys would wait impatiently for the mailman to deliver their LOVE LETTERS. It was so SWEET and personal! But, in this day and age, emails have ... read more

Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way…

Fruit loops chocolate cookies

fruit loops chocolate cookies
Do you remember what your FAVORITE cereal was, as a kid? I think mine used to be Fruit Loops or maybe Trix. Hmmmm…. All I remember is that the more COLORFUL the cereal was, the more LIKELY I was to ... read more

Easy Love cake

easy love cake 0
As most of you know, I LOVE edible markers. I have used them on cakes, cupcakes and even fruits! Well, I used them again to make this EASY Love cake. Isn’t it sooo PRETTY?! You can find the ... read more