Two peas in a pod cake

two peas in a pod cake 2
Today, I will be taking a BREAK from sharing Fall/Thanksgiving posts and instead, I will be sharing a CUTE two peas in a pod cake. This cake is an  example of CUTENESS x 1 MILLION! lol! It’s also the ... read more

Easy turkey cookies

turkey cookies 2
Since my little one has been fighting a HORRIBLE cold for a few days, he has been a little cranky. Actually, make that VERY VERY cranky! So, to keep him busy, happy and somehow take his mind off his stuffy ... read more

Easy pinwheel cupcakes

easy pinwheel cupcakes 2
People USUALLY make pinwheel cupcakes around the 4th of July and other patriotic celebrations. But, I think that pinwheels are so FUN and PLAYFUL that they can be made any time of the year. If you make ... read more

How to make homemade cake flour

how to make cake flour 5
And once again… I have SLACKED off with sharing baking and cake decorating tips over these last few moths Well, I have a great one for you today… HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE CAKE FLOUR! Among all the ... read more

Halloween candy cake

halloween candy cake 8
I have this AWESOME candy cabinet, which is PACKED with all types of chocolates, candies and sprinkles! While browsing through that cabinet a few days ago, I had this sudden URGE to make mini chocolate ... read more

Easy eyeball cake tutorial

easy eyeball cake tutorial 7
I finally made an eyeball cake, in light of the fact that Halloween is LESS than a week away now…. YIPPEEE! Making this cake has been on my “TO DO” list for ages! Every year, I think of ... read more

Candy corn monster cookies

candy corn monster cookies 2
I recently made a BEAUTIFUL candy corn cake and I thought it was time to make candy corn cookies too! But, NOT just any candy corn cookies… These ones had to be cool and unique! So, I made candy corn ... read more

How to make easy fondant buttons

how to make easy fondant buttons 16
Ever heard the phrase “As cute as a button” ??? Well, I think this cake is just that…CUTE as a button! I know buttons are usually round but that’s just so BORING! So, after I made ... read more

“With enough butter, anything is good.” –Julia Child

Halloween candy corn cake

halloween candy corn cake 3
Last year, I made this candy corn cake for Halloween and I had a BLAST making it! But, when I went through my archives today, I noticed that I DIDN’T post it. For some reason, it was still sitting as ... read more

Crackly sugar cookies

crackly and chewy sugar cookies 18
As I wrote this post, I ate FIVE of these phenomenal CRACKLY sugar cookies! I would have eaten even MORE, if I had any more leftovers…hahah. These sugar cookies are crackly and crinkly on the top ... read more

How to make monster cupcakes

how to make monster cupcakes 2
Last year, I made some SPOOKY monster cupcakes for Halloween and shared them at Cake Journal. But, I FORGOT to share them with all of you here! *sighs* :S My thoughtful husband REMINDED me of them last ... read more

Halloween monster donuts

halloween monster donuts 3
I have a WEAKNESS for mini treats like mini cookies, mini donuts and teeny tiny candies…hehe. But, can you blame me? They are so darn CUTE and sooooo much FUN to use in food art So, while eating some ... read more

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” – Julia Child

Fall themed chocolate tree cake

fall themed chocolate tree cake 4
Cake decorators have DIFFERENT preferences when it comes to decorating cakes. Some prefer decorating with buttercream and others work magic with marshmallow fondant and modeling chocolate. I like to work ... read more

Homemade chocolate leaves

homemade chocolate leaves 4
Did you guys know that starting today, it’s officially the beginning of FALL! Summer just whizzed by but I am NOT sad at all coz I like Fall… Not as much as Summer but I still like it! heheh. ... read more

85+ Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

85 delicious chocolate cupcake recipes
Almost everyone I know has a FAVORITE chocolate cupcake recipe. Any why not?! Chocolate cupcakes are the perfect way to BRIGHTEN someone’s horrible day! I, myself, have an AMAZING chocolate cupcake ... read more

“When all else fails, bake a cake!”