Chocolate popcorn cake

chocolate popcorn cake 3
I am CRAZY about popcorn! I am OBSESSED with chocolate! And I LOVE cake! So, I COMBINED all of those wonderful things into an EPIC spicy chocolate popcorn cake! This RICH chocolate cake is frosted in ... read more

Chocolate coconut Easter bird nests

chocolate coconut easter bird nests 4
My Aunt came over a few days ago with a bag of Easter chocolates…. YAY! This bag was seriously OVERFLOWING with all sorts of  chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate carrots and even chocolate ... read more

Best banana chocolate chip cake

best banana chocolate chip cake 9
Some of you may know that I will be a monthly CONTRIBUTOR at Wanda’s blog (Memories by the Mile). If you are a FOODIE, you should really check out her blog, where you will find lots of drool-worthy ... read more

Sugar heart and sugar star cupcakes

sugar heart and sugar star cupcakes 7
Remember those sugar hearts and sugar stars I made a few weeks ago? When I saw how CUTE they turned out, I knew I would be using those as cupcake toppers! Next time, I am going to make even MORE of those ... read more

Easy snowman donuts

snowman donuts 7
It’s nearly the end of January but we haven’t had much snow here, which is WEIRD but also TERRIFIC coz I haven’t had to shovel much snow… YAY! But, my little one REALLY wants to ... read more

Mango cake with mango frosting

mango cake with mango frosting
Mangoes seem to be one of those fruits that people seem to be a little SCARED to use in their baking. I am NOT exactly sure why coz I think it’s a WONDERFUL fruit with a delicious TROPICAL flavor. I ... read more

“You can’t be sad when you’re holding a giant slice of chocolate cake!”

Mango frosting

I am still SURPRISED by how the same fruit can taste so DIFFERENT in various parts of the world For instance, MANGOES from Asia, especially those grown in India, Pakistan and Malaysia are so much sweeter, ... read more

Candy filled love letters

candy filled love letters 7
I spent most of yesterday ORGANIZING all my crafting supplies when an IDEA struck! Quite honestly, I am NOT a very crafty person but every once in a while, I get the ITCH I used to make SILLY little candy ... read more

Candy cane shards cake

candy cane shards cake
If you still have LEFTOVER candy canes from Christmas, I have a GREAT idea for you today. TRANSFORM those candy canes into colorful candy cane SHARDS. And those can be used as BEAUTIFUL cake and cupcake ... read more

Candy cane sled cupcakes

candy cane sled cupcakes 2
Happy New Year folks! I hope this year brings all of you lots of JOY and HAPPINESS! I am back today after a little break and sharing these CUTE candy cane sled cupcakes. Many of you may REMEMBER these ... read more

How to make a snowman cake

how to make a snowman cake
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for I was compensated for this post and also received cake decorating supplies to review and use in a cake project. However, all opinions and photographs are ... read more

HUGE Holiday giveaway

huge holiday giveaway
Can you believe Christmas is next week?! YAY! Well, to celebrate the holiday season, I have partnered up with some fabulous bloggers to bring you an awesome “Pick Your Prize Holiday Giveaway!” ... read more

Mocha caramel cookie dough truffles

mocha caramel cookie dough truffles 13
If you are a fan of chocolate, coffee and cookie dough, you are gonna LOVE today’s post! I am sharing a recipe for the most delicious, most OOEY GOOEY truffles ever! Mocha caramel cookie dough ... read more

Easy Rudolph cupcakes

easy rudolph cupcakes 1
As most of you know,  I tend to give HOMEMADE gifts like cakes, cupcakes and cookies to all my loved ones during Christmas time. Obviously, all the goodies I make for them are DECORATED and made to look as ... read more

Best Christmas cookies for gifting

best christmas cookies for gifting
Christmas is about 2 weeks away now and many of you are BUSY buying gifts or even making EDIBLE GIFTS for family and friends. So, I thought I would make things EASIER for you… I have gathered the ... read more

Easy wafer paper flowers

how to make easy wafer paper flowers 5
If you happen to be one of those people who HATES making fondant or gum paste flowers because they are so HARD to make and take forever, then you are going to love today’s post! I will be showing you ... read more

Rudolph chocolate bars

rudolph chocolate bars 5
Last year, I made these ADORABLE mini Rudolph chocolate bars for the little kiddos in the family. I NEVER got around to sharing them with you coz by the time I uploaded the pictures on my computer, it was ... read more